The “not so” Amazing Spiderman

Reasons why The Amazing Spiderman is “not so” amazing:

1. I went to this movie thinking that it would be different from the one directed by Sam Raimi, thats what the promo said – “The untold story”. Spoiler alert: The story has already been told.

2. The movie is about Peter trying to find his past. But it is never revealed what happened to his mother and father. So in that sense, the tagline of “The untold story” is correct. 😛

3. The movie is slow, very slow. In Sam Raimi’s version, Peter Parker turns into Spiderman and starts pounding criminals right away. But here I had to wait for an eternity just for Peter Parker to turn into Spiderman.

4. For an actor with lot of caliber like Irrfan Khan, this movie gives him a very, very small role. Even the actor admits it.

5. And finally, there is no way, NO WAY, a science geek can be using bing to search the internet.

But all these things didn’t stop it from having the highest opening weekend gross for a Hollywood film in India.


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