Why did I see The Dark Knight Rises… again!

I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, if you are not then probably you should have a look at Batman & Robin. But is that a reason enough for you to see the movie again. Well read on for my reasons, wait… caveat lector. If you haven’t watched the movie then there are some spoilers ahead. Yes, now you can go ahead –

The Dark Knight Rises

1. This time, I wasn’t paying for the tickets!

2. Previously I saw the movie in puny 70mm format. But this time, I saw it in gargantuan IMAX screen which was almost four storeys tall.

3. This one had sub titles. Hey, I understand English very well but understanding Bane’s muffled voice is too much to ask, even after Tom Hardy’s re-dubbing.

4. Miranda Tate’s revelation as Talia al Ghul at the end of the movie came as a shock, at least to me. So the second time I had my eyes on her and how all along she was deceiving everyone, including me.

5. To watch the first fight scene between Bane and Batman which concludes with Bane breaking Batman’s back. Its devoid of any background score with only the sound of punches between the two. Raw and brutal.

6. To watch Bane’s escape sequence from the plane in midair at the very start of the movie. AWESOME!

7. I was finally able to figure out the chant that is heard throughout the movie means “Rise”.

8. Frankly I am not a big fan of rebooting. Just look at what happened to Spiderman. Christopher Nolan ends the movie in such a way that it opens up possibility of new a Batman with new characters and villains without rebooting the series.

Update 7 Aug 2012: Now this is not my reason to watch the movie again, but Marion Cotillard dies at the end of the movie in strangely funny way. I guess I was not alone. Some folks have created blog on Tumblr – People dying like Marion Cotillard. The name should be self explanatory. Worth checking out!


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