First Day, First Job

First day on job

Beep… Beep… Beep…… Beep… Beep… Beep…… Trying to find snooze button on the alarm clock, Navin (that’s not me, notice the spelling) woke up at 05:30 AM. With drowsy eyes he went straight to the bathroom, barely avoiding the dining chair, to answer nature’s call. After completing all his regular activities like brushing his teeth, cleaning goop from his eyes and mucus from nose it suddenly dawned to him. This is my first day at my first job. There was a sudden surge of emotions and feelings within him like… “I need to go to bathroom again!”


He put on his Peter England shirt and Max trousers which he had bought yesterday at the mall.

“Maa… Where are my shoes?” shouted Navin.

“They are in the balcony. That’s where you kept them after trying them out day before yesterday.”

He took his shoes in his hand. Jet black, brand new and shining so much that he could see the reflection of his face in them. Spraying on almost half a bottle of Axe he thought to himself “It never works as advertised.”

Just when he was about to leave home his mother called out.

“What shall tell the internet guy when he comes?”

“Tell him to fix it. It has already been 4 days since my internet stopped working. Tell him if he doesn’t fix it today then I will not pay him for this month. Bye!”


Standing at station waiting for local train to come he saw a bunch of college goers and thought to himself “Just a month back I was among them. A boy. Now, I am a man!”

Saat vaajun vees minatani CST-la jaanari local aaj rud karnyat aali aahe.
Saat baj kar bees minat ki CST jaane vali local aaj rud kar di gayi hai.
“Seven twenty local for CST has been cancelled today.”

“Damn it!” Navin suddenly started feeling sick. He did not want to get late on the first day of his job. The announcement was repeated 3 more times.


“Mom… here comes the train”, shouted a 6 year kid to his mother.

Everyone at the station braced themselves. A local train getting cancelled at peak hours in Mumbai means that you will have to fight your way to get inside the next one. The local train hadn’t even stopped at the platform and people started jumping inside it. Grabbing the middle pole at the door Navin jumped in shouting “Andar chalo!” (Go inside!)

It was early June, rain had yet to show its face in Mumbai and to top it the train was jam packed. In the sweltering heat everyone was sweating profusely. Navin could feel someone wiping off the sweat of his face on the back of his shirt. “There goes my Axe”, he thought. Navin’s convoluted body had now started to look lot like Filmfare award trophy.

After Navin finally got out of the train at CST station, his wrinkle-free Peter England shirt had been wrinkled, his wallet was missing from his back pocket of his Max trouser, he could no longer see his face in his shoes and instead of Axe he had sweat of 10 strangers all over his body.


After reaching the building of his office he went straight to the receptionist and asked for HR lady he had been instructed to contact. The HR lady came out looking surprisingly at Navin and asked –

“We postponed your joining to next Monday. I sent you an e-mail last Friday. Didn’t you check it?”

Image credit: Cat with tie found on here, added Lens Flare effect using GIMP.


2 thoughts on “First Day, First Job

  1. sanjeet Uchil August 12, 2012 / 5:05 pm

    Nice…I see you have a flair for writing my boy….I thought you were going to mention your first day at the Job 😉

    • Naveen August 12, 2012 / 7:52 pm

      hehehe… Thanks bro! The Filmfare thing came from you actually.

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