How can we win more medals at Olympics?

India at London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012 have ended and India has given their best performance by far, in terms medal tally. Though there was no gold this time around but Sushil Kumar became the first Indian to bag two medals at Olympics, back to back. CHEERS! But for a country with 1+ billion population its still minuscule. So how can we increase our medal tally? Here are some of my suggestions –

1. Introduce cricket in Olympics. This won’t guarantee a medal but it sure would give hope lot of Indians (including me). The reason it won’t guarantee medal for us is that, in recent times, Team India’s track record outside Asia has been not so good, to say the least.

2. Introduce Kabaddi in Olympics. With our track record in Asian Games, medal prospects are really high here. I would say even better than cricket.

3. Introduce sports as a real subject. With real subject I mean, the overall percentage a student scores should fluctuate with increase / decrease of scores in sports. This should scare off their parents to encourage them in sports, even after 9th and 10th.

4. We could look into introducing cheerleaders for college sport tournaments, just the way Americans do. This could increase the probability of (male) students taking part in sports.

5. Change our Sports minister to a sports person rather than a politician.

Image credit: India at London Olympics 2012 image found here.


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