Some “really” old technology and products

Technology is changing at a frenetic pace today. Yesterday it was MySapce/Orkut today its Facebook, yesterday it was Internet Explorer today its Google Chrome, yesterday it was flash drive today its cloud, yesterday it was Sunday today its Monday (okay forgive me for the last one). So if you have used these really old technology and products then please don’t feel old.

Old computers

1. Windows XP

Windows XP

I upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP (skipped Windows Me PHEW!) and immediately fell in love with its interface. The rounded corners at the window were a new thing back then. So were three themes of blue, olive green and silver. And the default wallpaper called Bliss was probably the most watched photograph in the world! The OS is still so popular that many software support it except for Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer 9.

2. Orkut


I disabled by Orkut account almost a year back. But back in 2007 it was so popular that MTV awarded it Youth Icon of the Year. A website… a youth icon… SHEESH! Now I don’t remember much about it except its bluish-purplish colored background and three 3-icon-sets of smileys, ice cubes and hearts indicating a person’s trustworthiness, coolness and sexiness determined by their friends. FYI, I had 3 out of 3 in all three of these. I really did!

3. USB flash drive

“It can hold 256 MB of data” my friend told me and my jaw dropped looking at the tiny piece of rectangular thing which was smaller than my index finger. Today I have lost 2 flash drives, drowned 1 in my washing machine and have 4 of them at unreachable corners of my house. Wait… no, I have 5 flash drives… or is it 4… hmmmm… Today I store all my data on my Dropbox account… no wait… on Google Drive… or is it Box… hmmmm…

4. Physical keyboards on phones

Steve Jobs explaining problem with physical keyboards on phones

Steve Jobs launched iPhone saying that we don’t need physical keyboard on phone. But the RIM chiefs were still adamant on physical keyboards and saying “As nice as the Apple iPhone is, it poses a real challenge to its users. Try typing a web key on a touchscreen on an Apple iPhone, that’s a real challenge. You cannot see what you type.” Five years later we can safely say Jobs was right. And it really doesn’t make any sense putting retina display or super AMOLED on puny 320×240 screen size.

5. iPhone (first generation)

iPhone (first generation)

Before you start taking out your bats to whack me let me clarify again, I am talking about the first iPhone launched in 2007. The same year when Orkut was called MTV Youth Icon of the Year… remember. It didn’t have capabilities like MMS, video recording, copy-paste or the gorgeous retina display. Its old, really old.

6. Hotmail or for that matter any other mail provider like Yahoo, Rediff, Indiatimes and so on…


Before Gmail turned email on its head the other guys touted their ability to offer 6MB of free space. Can you image what you could do with 6MB? NOTHING! I remember every week sorting my emails according to sizes and deleting the biggest ones first to reclaim space. And don’t get me started on all the spam in my Inbox rather than Spam folder where they belonged. No wonder Microsoft decided to start from scratch by deciding to launch

7. Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 6 is really, really, really old. Internet Explorer 7 is really old. And it was really bad. Somewhere between IE6 and IE7 I was introduced to Firefox and I fell in love with it. But when IE7 came out I gave it a try for old time’s sake and I remember clicking through a series of javascript errors just to see my desired webpage. That’s when I gave up on IE.

If you know any old technology / product then there is space provided below just for that!

Image credits: Old computers, Windows XP, Orkut, Steve Jobs explaining problem with physical keyboards on phones from iPhone launch videoiPhone (first generation), Hotmail, IE7 screenshot taken by me (never cared to update it)


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