Why do I love Mondays… and hate Fridays!

I am going against conventional wisdom here and would earn wrath of almost everyone in this world. But I love Mondays and hate Fridays.

Monday to Friday



Why do I love Mondays?

My job requires me to come to office in afternoon and leave just before midnight. So while on Sunday evening everyone grumbles that they need to get up early tomorrow and run to office I, on the other hand, sleep late and get up late. YAY! When I come to office in afternoon, everyone is coming back from lunch and still trying to over Monday blues except for me!

Why do I hate Fridays?

On Fridays when I come to office in afternoon everyone has already started their plans for the weekend and I hear conversations like — “Yeah, I would leave by six so I should be their by around seven.”, “Yeah, I can leave office half an hour early.” and “Tickets book kiya kya?“. My heart burns knowing that my weekend doesn’t start until just before midnight. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Image credits: Monday to Friday image created by me using GIMP


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