Does number of apps in mobile ecosystem matters? Yes it does

Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8

Few days back Microsoft launched on Windows Phone 8 and its gorgeous devices like Nokia 920 & 820, HTC Windows Phone 8X & 8S (my personal favorite) and Samung Ativ S. The reviews of each of them have been very favorable except for one sore point — number of apps available for Windows Phone. Microsoft’s current tally is 100,000+ apps. This is far below in comparison to 700,000+ apps available on Android and iOS. But you may argue that are we going to use all 700,000+ apps? No, of course not. But there would be something for everyone.

Let me explain. I own HTC One X which runs Android. The phone’s industrial uni-body design and its gorgeous screen were two things that made me buy this phone over Samsung Galaxy S3. But one really troubling aspect with the phone is its battery life which pales in comparison to its competition. By default Android doesn’t show remaining percentage of battery life in notifications. So I was looking for an app to do just that. Just that! I did not want it to show (or rather try to estimate) how much more time can my phone run on battery and blah, blah, blah… And I found Battery Indicator which did exactly what I required. So as I said, with more number of apps there would be something for everyone.

Image credits: Android-iOS-Windows Phone 8 image taken from this article on Android Authority


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