Do it for her

Maggie Simpson

Recently I started watching The Simpsons on Star World. Initially it was just for killing time I had before going to office but after some episodes I really started to enjoy it. And then some days back I saw an episode which has now become my favorite.

For those who don’t know what the show is about, here’s a gist— The Simpsons basically centers around five members of Simpsons family and their daily (hilarious) adventures. The family consists of Homer, his wife Marge, their son Bart and daughters Lisa and Maggie.

This episode starts with Lisa asking Homer why there are no pictures of Maggie in family photo albums. From here on Homer goes into flashback and tells them about the time before Maggie was born. He used to work in Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, which he hated. After clearing of all his debts he quits his job insulting his boss Mr. Burns and goes after his dream of working in — a bowling alley.

But after Marge learns that she is pregnant with their third child she tries to hide it from Homer as she realizes that Homer won’t be able to support three kids and her with his salary from bowling alley. But Marge’s twin sisters let the secret out.

So Homer goes to get his old job back at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Burns gives Homer his old job but places a plaque in front of his desk which reads — “Don’t forget: You’re here forever”.

Mr. Burns with plaque - Don't forget: You're Here Forever

There is also a glaring mistake in a scene where Marge says that her contractions have started after Homer returns home getting his old job back. In that scene you can see picture of Maggie on the wall behind Marge though she is pregnant with her.

Marge and Homer with Maggie's picture on wall

After Marge gives birth to Maggie, Homer exclaims “It’s a boy! And what a boy!” to which doctor corrects him by saying “That’s the umbilical chord. Its a girl.” (I almost fell from my chair on this one). When Homer holds Maggie for the first time he instantly falls in love with her.

Back in present, Lisa & Bart still don’t understand what does this story have to do with Maggie’s pictures to which Homer says “There are pictures. I keep them where I need the most cheering up”. The scene then cuts to Homer’s desk where pictures of Maggie has been placed on the plaque strategically to read — “Do it for her“.

Maggie - Do It For Her

Maggie - Do It For Her

Image credits: Picture of Maggie Simpson from here, the remaining pictures are captures from the Simpsons episode of “And Maggie Makes Three”


4 thoughts on “Do it for her

  1. WiseDonkey July 4, 2013 / 4:37 pm

    that’s no glaring mistake, it’s a picture of lisa, not maggie!!!!

    • Naveen July 4, 2013 / 10:10 pm

      I am little skeptical of that. Somehow I feel the creators of the show would have give young Lisa a different look. But then I may be wrong.

  2. shalinijena November 17, 2012 / 10:21 am

    haha! I love simpsons too! 😀

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