Operation: Thunderstorm


Based on a true story.

Navin was standing behind a wall to avoid getting hit by gun fire which was coming in every 10-15 seconds. He was now the only surviving member of the elite four-member squad to eliminate a group of terrorists. So far this operation had turned out to be a disaster as three of his teammates had already perished.

A few meters away his friend’s lifeless body was lying, the same friend who had convinced him to join this botched operation a few days ago. Navin himself had been hit on his shoulder and was starting to feel dizzy after all the blood loss from his wound. He was running low on ammunition and he knew he had to finish this fast. From the sounds of gun fire he was able to figure out that there were two terrorists remaining and they were closing in. He decided that he will throw his last remaining grenade towards them, make a dash towards his friends body, get his remaining ammunition and hide in the dilapidated building in front of him.


The sniper was trying to take his aim but all the bushes between him and Navin were making it difficult for him. He was now convinced that Navin did not know about him. He decided to wait it out until he got a clear shot. There was no use in missing his target which would only make him aware of his presence.


Navin flung the grenade towards his enemies. There was a loud explosion and Navin ran towards his friend. The sniper pulled the trigger and he didn’t miss.

“NOOOOOOOO…! I was so close!” cried out Navin banging his fist on desk. His computer screen was now showing — GAME OVER.

Image credits: Wallpaper of one of my favorite movies “Shooter” taken from here and modified using GIMP


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