My (unsolicited) advice to management of Adlabs Aquamagica

I recently went to Adlabs Aquamagica water park near Mumbai. If you haven’t heard about it, then a simple Google search would help you out.

As it’s a water park and I didn’t have a water proof mobile or camera I decided to leave them behind. After finishing just about every water ride there was a photographer from Aquamagica (with a water proof camera) ready to take our photos. These photos somehow manage to capture the excitement and thrill of the ride on your face, which starts to fade away after a few seconds with the onset of realization that you have to climb those 100 steps to get into the water ride again.

So, at the end of the day I decided to have a look at my photographs. They looked pretty good and as I said – captured the excitement and thrill on our faces. So I asked the guy at the counter how much I need to pay for them. He replied back with all the details, but my ears went deaf the moment I heard printed copy.

I took out my smartphone just to check the current year and confirm if any rides were so fast that it turned time back for me sending me in past when Kodak ruled the world. No it was still 2014. I checked with him again. Same reply. I asked if I can get these copies emailed or on a CD. Negative reply. I checked his camera to see if it was a digital camera. Yes it was. I was dumbfounded. This brand new theme park has RFID band to open lockers assigned to its guests and supports cashless payment using bar code on wristband[1] but it cannot email me my photographs!

So here’s my advice to management of Adlabs Aquamagica – let your guests receive a digital copy of photographs. Why? Well here are some of my reasons –

1. Guests can carry their own camera in a theme park. But for a water park guests would need a special camera which not everyone has. So there is a real opportunity here for business to sell digital copies of photographs. And I am pretty sure more people would be willing to pay for it. More than people willing to pay for hard copy.

2. In the age of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp hard copies of photographs of are pretty much worthless. They would end up in a wall on your home visible only to you. Post them on social media and it gets an audience.

3. One side effect, and a good side effect, of posting photographs on social media is free advertisement. Rather than buying ads on Facebook costing 100s of dollars why not let guests buy digital photographs for 100s of rupees allowing them to post to Facebook and letting their friends like and comment them. And I am pretty sure Facebook won’t be the only social media where these photographs would be posted.

4. It seems very ridiculous when I can’t get digital copy of photographs especially after using cashless payment with bar code on wristband.


[1] Cashless payment using bar code on wristband: Before you enter the park every guest’s wrist is strapped with a band with bar code on it. As taking your wallet inside a water park may not be a good idea, you can put money in the band to spend it inside the water park. Any unspent money is then refunded back to you when you leave the park.


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