What’s this blog about?

I started (seriously) blogging in December 2011 about programming and after a while I thought about creating a new blog for my personal experiences, thoughts, learning, technology or anything that wakes up my grey cells. So that was when this blog was born.

Yes I know the spelling of my blog is wrong. It’s actually a portmanteau of two words — Naveen (that’s my name) & Navigator… 🙂 Also I guess all the exciting blog names had already been taken. Regarding how its pronounced, its same as “navigator”.

If you find any content on my blog which is copyrighted or posted without proper attribution do let me know by commenting on the respective post.


3 thoughts on “What’s this blog about?

  1. Divyansh May 20, 2016 / 11:01 pm

    Awesome Idea

  2. feelmearound February 11, 2013 / 10:09 am

    Hi Naveen,
    So glad you stopped by my blog..
    And you have an interesting blog here..Keep posting.. and keep visiting.. 🙂

    • Naveen February 11, 2013 / 11:04 am

      Glad you liked it. Thanks!

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