A vicious cycle…


Your password must be at least 8 characters long.


Your password should contain at least one uppercase alphabet.


Your password should contain at least one numeric character.


Your password should contain at least one special character.


Your password cannot contain following special characters @ . / %


Your password must not be longer than 12 characters.

Curses the website, its owner and the software engineer who created it before finally getting through.

One month later…

Clicks on Forgot Password?


Your password must be at least 8 characters long…

And the vicious cycle starts all over again!


So where can I get best 3G network in this office?

Navin was sitting at his desk which was assigned to him half an hour ago. He had been in his new job for half a day. Getting bored he took out his brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 and started searching for 3G network. With just one bar of signal strength showing on screen he turned towards his colleague.

“Hey, I am not getting any 3G network here.”

“You won’t get any 3G network here. This place is Bermuda Triangle for mobile network.”

“Damn!” said Navin holding his phone which had now given up trying to find 3G network and had switched to GPRS.

“Psst!” his colleague continued in a much lower tone “3G network is pretty good in first toilet of the wash room.”

The year is 2030…

The year is 2030 and Navin is sitting with his teenage son and daughter about to tell them the story of — how I met your mother.

“Dad… This is not going to be long, like 8 years long?” Navin’s daughter asked.

“No. Its going to be short. Actually its really short.”

“Okay, so tell us. How did you meet mom?”

“On our wedding.” said Navin.

• • • • • THE END • • • • •

Leap of February

“Nooooooo!” shouted February. “Why am I being singled out here?”

“You are not being singled out.” said January, trying to calm February. “August wants an extra day because he is an Emperor. And you know how emperors are, their big fat egos. He wants equal number of days as his adopted father July, if not more.”

“And you should consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get the fool’s day. Just look at April.” said December.

February looked at April who was almost in tears. He felt sad for her.

“But at least I could get 30 days, just like June and November? 28 days is too less.” asked February.

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Updating my Windows Vista

I was recently updating my Windows Vista (yes I still use Windows Vista, don’t ask why) and this is how it went.

Downloading 231 MB of updates — 1 hour

Installing Updates — 3 hours, yes THREE hours

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February 27, 2004

“There he is!” shouted one of the boys.

Navin was running from a group of five boys. He still remembered the savage beating he had got last year. He ran past his chemistry laboratory to the staircase and went to first floor of his college building. It was 7PM and there was no soul in sight from whom Navin could ask for help. He saw one of the classrooms open, ran inside it and hid behind the door.

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So I called my mobile network operator… Vodatel

Call Center

“Damn it! I never subscribed for this service.” Navin (that’s not me, notice the spelling) said holding his mobile bill. “These guys think that they can take me for a ride.” With this he punched in the complaint only number of Vodatel.

“Welcome to Vodatel. Vodatel me aapka swagat hai. Hindi ke liye ek dabayein. Marathi saathi don daabaa. For English press three.”

Navin pressed three.

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