The year is 2030…

The year is 2030 and Navin is sitting with his teenage son and daughter about to tell them the story of — how I met your mother.

“Dad… This is not going to be long, like 8 years long?” Navin’s daughter asked.

“No. Its going to be short. Actually its really short.”

“Okay, so tell us. How did you meet mom?”

“On our wedding.” said Navin.

• • • • • THE END • • • • •


If software engineers made movies

If software engineers made movies they would be called with a slightly different name —

♦ Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar → Race condition

♦ Ghajini → Memory leak

♦ Chakravyuh → Recursion

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Do it for her

Maggie Simpson

Recently I started watching The Simpsons on Star World. Initially it was just for killing time I had before going to office but after some episodes I really started to enjoy it. And then some days back I saw an episode which has now become my favorite.

For those who don’t know what the show is about, here’s a gist— The Simpsons basically centers around five members of Simpsons family and their daily (hilarious) adventures. The family consists of Homer, his wife Marge, their son Bart and daughters Lisa and Maggie.

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Barfi! What I loved, hated and didn’t understand about it

Here’s my list of things that I loved, hated and didn’t understand about Barfii!. Caveat lector — there may be spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched the movie then probably its good idea to stop here.


What I loved about it —

1. Ranbir Kapoor, he is simply brilliant. His antics to get Illeana D’Cruz to love him are heart warming. And when he realizes that they are not meant to be with each other his anger and sadness is palpable.

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Why did I see The Dark Knight Rises… again!

I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, if you are not then probably you should have a look at Batman & Robin. But is that a reason enough for you to see the movie again. Well read on for my reasons, wait… caveat lector. If you haven’t watched the movie then there are some spoilers ahead. Yes, now you can go ahead –

The Dark Knight Rises

1. This time, I wasn’t paying for the tickets!

2. Previously I saw the movie in puny 70mm format. But this time, I saw it in gargantuan IMAX screen which was almost four storeys tall.

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The “not so” Amazing Spiderman

Reasons why The Amazing Spiderman is “not so” amazing:

1. I went to this movie thinking that it would be different from the one directed by Sam Raimi, thats what the promo said – “The untold story”. Spoiler alert: The story has already been told.

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If Rajinikanth was a software engineer…

I know that there is no shortage of Rajinikanth jokes, but I couldn’t stop myself after reading this post. So here it goes.

If Rajinikanth was a software engineer…

1. Compilers don’t warn Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth warns compilers.

2. Rajinikanth writes directly in binary. He then writes the source code as a documentation for other developers.

3. Rajinikanth can derive private key by just looking at the public key.

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