Unknown species of moth… Have you seen it somewhere else? [Updated]

Some time back I saw a moth (at first I thought it was a butterfly) sitting at my door and snapped a picture of it. Nothing special, but it had huge & gorgeous eye spots on itself. This is what it looked like —

Moth Click on the image to view larger version

I posted it on my Tumblr blog, and it got reblogged by diglettsinthesky identifying it as an unknown species which was photographed in Central America along with a photograph. You can also find the photograph on National Geographic Stock with picture ID 1246681. While I am no entomologist, but the picture on National Geographic does look quite similar to the one I snapped. Have you seen this kind of moth somewhere else?

Update 18 Oct 2012: Ram (see comments below) identified the moth as Walker’s Owl Moth. For a moment there I thought I had discovered an unknown species and would have my picture on NatGeo Magazine!

Image credits: The picture of moth belongs to me and is licensed same as this blog.