Chotta cha chann

The title would be incomprehensible as of now but read on to find out its meaning.

A few days back me and my wife were travelling from Mangalore to Mumbai. Between our journey another family boarded the train at Goa. Father, mother and two cute daughters — probably 7 and 2 years old. The younger one was the pretty active, trying to analyze just about everything around her and speaking in her incomprehensible language.

We started talking to the family, the usual stuff — what brings you here, where are you headed and so on. And then the younger one started saying “Chotta cha chann” — continuously. I turned to my wife and asked “Kya bol rahi hai yeh?” (What is she saying).

My wife then replied back, holding (supposedly mineral from Indian Railways) water bottle we had bought earlier. She pointed to a small picture of rising sun (in red color) drawn on the water bottle. The kid was referring to that sun and was saying — “Chota saa sun” (A small sun).

I was dumbstruck. And amused. Of all the things in the compartment — seats, window, suitcases, the water bottle itself — she chose to identify that tiny little sun drawn on the water bottle.

The mother then narrated us a story of a time when the elder daughter was of the age of younger one. They had accumulated a bunch of tomato ketchup sachets from their orders in McDonald’s. One day the elder daughter got hold of all the sachets and sorted them in two categories — regular and chilly. How? Based on the picture of red chilly drawn on on the sachets.

This is something that would be helpful to me after after some years!