Leap of February

“Nooooooo!” shouted February. “Why am I being singled out here?”

“You are not being singled out.” said January, trying to calm February. “August wants an extra day because he is an Emperor. And you know how emperors are, their big fat egos. He wants equal number of days as his adopted father July, if not more.”

“And you should consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get the fool’s day. Just look at April.” said December.

February looked at April who was almost in tears. He felt sad for her.

“But at least I could get 30 days, just like June and November? 28 days is too less.” asked February.

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If software engineers made movies

If software engineers made movies they would be called with a slightly different name —

♦ Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar → Race condition

♦ Ghajini → Memory leak

♦ Chakravyuh → Recursion

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If Rajinikanth was a software engineer…

I know that there is no shortage of Rajinikanth jokes, but I couldn’t stop myself after reading this post. So here it goes.

If Rajinikanth was a software engineer…

1. Compilers don’t warn Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth warns compilers.

2. Rajinikanth writes directly in binary. He then writes the source code as a documentation for other developers.

3. Rajinikanth can derive private key by just looking at the public key.

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