Leap of February

“Nooooooo!” shouted February. “Why am I being singled out here?”

“You are not being singled out.” said January, trying to calm February. “August wants an extra day because he is an Emperor. And you know how emperors are, their big fat egos. He wants equal number of days as his adopted father July, if not more.”

“And you should consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get the fool’s day. Just look at April.” said December.

February looked at April who was almost in tears. He felt sad for her.

“But at least I could get 30 days, just like June and November? 28 days is too less.” asked February.

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I knew IE was bad, but this is unimaginable!

After finally updating my Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 I decided it was time to upgrade my Internet Explorer from 7 to 9, though I would never be using it. There are times when I feel that I may be criticizing IE too much. So I go to my IE7, search for Internet Explorer 9 and go to its download link. And this is what I get.

Yes IE7 cannot even properly open the download site for IE9. I mean I knew IE was bad but this is unimaginable!

Image credits: The screenshot of error belongs to me. If you want to get this picture I would recommend you installing IE7 and going to download site for IE9. Good luck!

If software engineers made movies

If software engineers made movies they would be called with a slightly different name —

♦ Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar → Race condition

♦ Ghajini → Memory leak

♦ Chakravyuh → Recursion

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Does number of apps in mobile ecosystem matters? Yes it does

Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8

Few days back Microsoft launched on Windows Phone 8 and its gorgeous devices like Nokia 920 & 820, HTC Windows Phone 8X & 8S (my personal favorite) and Samung Ativ S. The reviews of each of them have been very favorable except for one sore point — number of apps available for Windows Phone. Microsoft’s current tally is 100,000+ apps. This is far below in comparison to 700,000+ apps available on Android and iOS. But you may argue that are we going to use all 700,000+ apps? No, of course not. But there would be something for everyone.

Let me explain. I own HTC One X which runs Android. The phone’s industrial uni-body design and its gorgeous screen were two things that made me buy this phone over Samsung Galaxy S3. But one really troubling aspect with the phone is its battery life which pales in comparison to its competition. By default Android doesn’t show remaining percentage of battery life in notifications. So I was looking for an app to do just that. Just that! I did not want it to show (or rather try to estimate) how much more time can my phone run on battery and blah, blah, blah… And I found Battery Indicator which did exactly what I required. So as I said, with more number of apps there would be something for everyone.

Image credits: Android-iOS-Windows Phone 8 image taken from this article on Android Authority

Some “really” old technology and products

Technology is changing at a frenetic pace today. Yesterday it was MySapce/Orkut today its Facebook, yesterday it was Internet Explorer today its Google Chrome, yesterday it was flash drive today its cloud, yesterday it was Sunday today its Monday (okay forgive me for the last one). So if you have used these really old technology and products then please don’t feel old.

Old computers

1. Windows XP

Windows XP

I upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP (skipped Windows Me PHEW!) and immediately fell in love with its interface. The rounded corners at the window were a new thing back then. So were three themes of blue, olive green and silver. And the default wallpaper called Bliss was probably the most watched photograph in the world! The OS is still so popular that many software support it except for Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer 9.

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